Don’t mess around with grease & grime

The Meanest is always ready to wipe out the caked-on gunk of your nightmares. He’s so fearsome, fats and oils turn into soap (literally) the second they make contact. Rely on The Meanest to turn all of your toughest cleaning jobs into bubbles.


The Meanest Degreaser is tougher than:

Dawn on dishes
Formula 409 on grease
Goo Gone on kitchen gunk
GOJO on hands
Comet on stove tops
Use The Meanest Degreaser on the nastiest grime, grease, and stains.

What it Cleans


The Meanest can clean any surface, but is specifically helpful on floor drains, grease traps, kitchen hoods, fryers, exterior siding, decks, and vents.


Stainless steel, chrome, glass, wood, vinyl, glazed porcelain, non-porous plastics, enamel, glazed tile.


Bathtub rings, beverages, blood, body oils, coffee, dead skin, dirt, fecal matter, fingerprints, food residue, fruits, grease, mildew, mold, dirty, pet odor, rust, tea, urine, vomit.

And virtually anything else that needs a mean clean!

The Meanest

More than a grease cleaner

You know The Meanest Degreaser is versatile, but did you know it doubles as laundry detergent and dish soap? Imagine having the power of a solution that cleans grease traps tackling fabric stains and crusty pots and pans.

How it Works: Mad Science

The Meanest Degreaser is a combination of electrolyzed water and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). The electro-chemical reaction of HOCl (The Meanest APC’s active ingredient) produces the byproduct NaOH. The result is a ruthless oxidizing agent that’s safer and more effective than bleach.

No residue

No additives




Shelf stable

No PPE required*

Ready to use

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The cleaning tool that doesn’t mess around

Use The Meanest Degreaser to make huge spaces spotless with an electrostatic sprayer. These sprayers charge individual droplets making them stick to surfaces evenly. With the sprayer you preserve product, get a faster, more thorough clean, and show dirt no mercy.


The Meanest Degreaser is vital for keeping the most used and tough to clean areas of our restaurant perfectly clean - dishwasher, blenders, juicers, kitchen hoods - and everything in between. Never seen a product cut through the grease, oils and fats, as well as helps declog all the pipes and make the bathrooms shine. No PPE or other tools necessary for our staff, just effective solution that gets the job done the first time, every time!

Tom WrightOwner, Tom's Juice

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