Spray it like you mean it.

No speck of dirt is safe when you combine The Cleanest with the complete cleaning coverage made possible by our electrostatic sprayers.

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Cleans 75% faster

Treats up to 18,000 sq. ft per hour

Greater coverage

Covers substantially more surface area than a trigger nozzle

Uses 65% less solution

Covers 9,000 sq. ft per gallon

What is an electrostatic sprayer, anyway?

It’s a device that effortlessly and effectively applies cleaning solutions to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity by electrically charging droplets as they pass through the nozzle. The electric charge makes the droplets sticky so they adhere to surfaces.

Tackle the biggest jobs with ease.

Trigger nozzles get the job done, but are not realistic in large areas–think schools, warehouses, hospitals, and more. For this reason, and so many more, go electrostatic. 

  • Always on sprayer button for easy application
  • Sprays continuously for 30 minutes before needing to reload product
  • Completely covers the front, back and sides of surfaces, including unusual shapes and hard to reach places, with less labor
  • Ergonomically designed, lightweight nozzle

Join our leasing program!

Full warranty

Access to our service tech team

Training on best use practices

Only $250/month (includes 2 gal/month)

(S&H applied to monthly orders)

12-month term, renews annually.
No penalty for terminating after 12 months


Get clean once and for all

Trigger nozzles get the job done, but are not realistic in large areas–think schools, warehouses, hospitals, and more. For this reason, and so many more, go electrostatic. 

  • Select the device that works best for you
  • Set up a recurring monthly order of The Cleanest 
  • Connect with a public health team that will help you understand how to use your device well in your space. 

What is an electrostatic spray system and why is it a superior cleaning process?

Electrostatic sprayers apply a charged liquid to any surface completely and evenly. The charge is induced on the liquid droplets as they are formed, just before exiting the sprayer nozzle. This technology allows the droplets to cling evenly to a range of surface types, including curved and geometric surfaces. That means every square inch of the area sprayed, including hard to reach areas, will be thoroughly cleaned. Electrostatic sprayers ensure complete coverage in less time using less product.

How does Untoxicated’s electrostatic spray system compare to similar options?

Our system simply cannot be compared. It features patented nozzle technology that ensures all surfaces are properly and completely cleaned. It also features a powerful air compressor that helps the system cover more surfaces in less time as well as constant electrostatic output to keep performance consistent. Additionally, electrostatic spray Systems are Underwriter Laboratories (UL) Listed.

Unlike misters and fogging systems, the droplets emitted from our system are actively attracted to surfaces. Misters and foggers deliver small droplets that passively deposit on surfaces based on the direction of spray and the effect of gravity.

What types of products can be used through the electrostatic spray system?

Only Ethitec branded products are approved for use in the electrostatic sprayers offered through our leasing program. Using a product in the sprayer that is not approved will void the warranty on the system.

Does the electrostatic spray system replace manual cleaning and disinfection?

It depends on the application. Generally, it’s recommended to first remove gross soil manually, then follow with the electrostatic spray system for a thorough, complete clean.

What does priming the sprayer mean?

Priming is the process of allowing the liquid to fill the hose line and create a consistent flow as it exits the sprayer.

Why should I purge my device after each use?

We recommend that you purge your device after each use to remove products from the line and discard.

Do I need to hold the sprayer button to keep the sprayer on?

No. The sprayer button can be pressed once to turn the device on and once to turn the device off.

Can I store bottles of Untoxicated product on the base unit when not in use?

Yes. Once the lines have been purged, you can leave partially full bottles on the unit for use the next time. Make sure that caps are replaced on all partially used bottles.

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