What do you get when you mix salt, water, and electricity?

A shockingly mean clean. The Meanest products are made with nature’s own cleaning compounds and effectively eliminate dirt, odors, grease, grime—you name it.

The dirt destructor

The Meanest. All-Purpose Cleaner

Active ingredient: Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Electric charge: Positive

HOCl is actually produced in your body. Your white blood cells create HOCl to fight off pathogens. Outside of the body, HOCl has zero tolerance for germs and has proven to be a ferocious all-purpose cleaner. Don’t be afraid, though, The Meanest APC is 100% non-toxic and so safe you can drink it.

The gunk grabber

The Meanest. Degreaser

Active ingredient: Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
Electric charge: Negative

Sodium hydroxide’s nickname is lye. You may have heard of it. It’s highly alkali, which makes it decompose proteins and cut through grease.

The stench smasher

The Meanest. Odor Eliminator

Active ingredient: Hypochlorous acid (HOCl)
Electric charge: Positive

HOCl tackles the root of every offensive odor at the source: proteins. The Meanest OE detects those proteins and oxidizes them until the smell disappears into thin air–literally.

Adios Odors

Awful odors are oxidized and transformed into odorless molecule instantly.

Seeya Smudges

Wipe away every unwanted mark and streak with ease.

G’bye Grime

Grease and gunk don’t stand a chance against nature.

Our Not-so-secret Weapon.

No more trigger fatigue! Our electrostatic sprayer makes cleaning large spaces even easier by spreading The Meanest solutions evenly over surfaces for a less wasteful, more effective clean.

Finally, a clean that’s clean

When we say 100% toxin-free, we mean it. You can feel good knowing your space is not only free of dirt, it’s free of toxic chemical residue that’s hazardous to your health.

What They’re Saying

I have been using The Cleanest and The Meanest for the past couple of months. We use them to clean and disinfect everything with The Cleanest. and we mop floors and clean our greasy tools with The Meanest. These products are legit. Great products.

Tom LyonsSr. Vice President | Horizon Mechanical

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